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Fred Moore
Executive Chairman
P. 403-457-2261 C. 403-816-8558

Brent Quinton
P. 403-457-2293 C. 403-771-5533

Randy Beekhuizen
Vice President - Sales
P. 403-457-2265 C. 403-803-7460

Joel Hynes
Director of Operations & Sales
P. 403-817-5761 C. 403-860-7161

Doug Ripley
Director – Business Development
P. 403-817-5775 C. 403 815-9479

Tom O’Toole
Senior Account Manager
P. 403-457-2264

Doug Burton
Senior Account Manager
P. 403-457-2276 C. 403-660-7730

Joel Dancey
Senior Account Manager
P. 403-457-2089 C. 403-988-9757

Rob Butler
Senior Account Manager
P. 403-457-2208 C. 403-512-3852

Mat Davis
Senior Account Manager
P.403-817-5777 C.403-804-5566

Jake Ross
Inventory Coordinator
P. 403-817-5774

Dan Muyres
Inside Sales Representative
P. 403-457-2297 C. 403-808-5948

Arlynn Weich
Inside Sales Representative
P. 403-817-5779 C. 403-700-6047

Krystal Haselhan
P. 403-457-2152

January Giesbrecht
Accounting Assistant
P. 403-817-5778

Kristie Fraser
Accounts Receivable
P. 403-860-3735

Kelly Huffman
Reception / Accounts Payable
P. 403-457-2288